Environmental Vision

Reflections Holiday Parks North Coast are fully committed to creating a sustainable environment. Our parks are situated in some of the most beautiful locations in Northern NSW, and we want to make sure this is preserved for future generations.


Our core objective is to incorporate sustainability principles into the design of the built environment so that energy and maintenance costs are reduced and resources are used most efficiently throughout their lifecycle. To also help maintain the health, diversity and productivity of the environment for the benefit of our future generations.


We are also fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint by increasing our use of solar power and solar hot water systems throughout our parks and reducing our reliance on high CO2 energy sources.


We manage our resources with an emphasis on renewable energy, minimising water use, water harvesting & re-use and environmentally responsible waste management and recycling.


We actively encourage all our guests to be responsible with their waste and recycle as much as possible. Please look out for our recycling areas and help us to be more sustainable!


Our dedication to the environment has been shown through a number of environmental awards.


Capital Works


A significant part of our work is committed to improving and developing our parks for the enjoyment of our guests, whilst maintaining the natural environment. Our capital works involve:


  • Planning – developing capital works programmes in accordance with Plans of Management, Environment Impact Statements and other legislative requirements. Provide budget estimates, Co ordinate tenders and quotations.
  • Infrastructure – building, upgrading and maintaining electrical, water supply, sewerage, stormwater and road systems
  • Buildings – installing cabins, building, refurbishing and maintaining residences, amenities, offices, camp kitchens.

To see the latest updates please visit our media centre.


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